MARKETING LEADER for organizations that lack CMO Bandwidth


What is a Marketing Leader?

Have you and your team hit a point where you need a new set of eyes, a fresh take, or simply additional support, we’re here to help. Our team of experienced marketing executives will work with your internal marketing team and executive leadership to develop actionable plans to drive sales and profits.

The importance of a marketing function

The Marketing function has increased by 63% since covid-19.
- Deloitte
There has never been a time where creating connections between customers and brands has been as important. Our Marketing Leaders are adept in developing and implementing strategic plans designed to meet organizational goals.
A Fractional CMO on your team

Adding the puzzle piece to complete the team
A Fractional CMO works with you and your existing team to develop actionable plans designed to support growth. We are experienced executives, not consultants. We put your organization first and represent you like we were an internal team member.
Your internal team
An outside Marketing Leader From Sparxoo X
A team complete with Necessary resources
Why Hire a marketing leader

Looking for the best return on your marketing strategy?
As marketing leaders, we integrate into your existing team structure allowing your brand to leverage our experience to help meet your growth goals.

Setting a clear strategy is crucial to the success of any organization. By doing so, it allows for business alignment and provides direction for all future initiatives.
  • Organization, Discovery, & Onboarding
  • Goal Setting & Alignment
  • Market Planning

With foundational work in place, a strong action plan connects your brand promises, values and products to customers.
  • Foundational Brand / Campaign Setup
  • Campaign Production & Execution
  • Sourcing & Briefing Experts
Project acceleration

By having a marketing professional provide leadership and take ownership it enables projects to come to life through accountability and action.
  • Project Ownership
  • Reporting & Management
  • Active Engagement with Marketing Leadership
Scaling systems and talent

Your marketing leader will provide ongoing analysis of current structure and processes to create organizational efficiencies.
  • Ongoing Recommendations for Internal and External Processes
  • Leveraging Team Mentorship
  • Vendor Partner Management
We are brand leaders who seek to elevate marketing strategy and support your organizations growth goals.
Another way to Engage us.
Sparxoo X offers Fractional CMOs that represent you like they were your internal team member.